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What employees expect of a boss

To be a leader, lead by example, inspire… The expectations of today’s young workers about their boss are different from those of more experienced workers. This change in mentality is especially seen in the role of manager.


Wage increases announced for 2018

Morneau Shepell published its Human Resources Trends in early August, which reveals that employers anticipate a wage increase of 2.3% on average for 2018.


“Predictive” recruitment – is it science fiction?

What if it were possible to uncover just the right person for a job, one that will be a high performer, who will blend into the team as if she had always been a part of it and who will not jump overboard just two years later? Even better: what if their profile would appear to us without having to dig through hundreds of CVs? Welcome to the world of “predictive recruitment”.


Collaborative meetings, a substitute for annual assessment interviews

In most companies, the anneal interview is a rite of passage, and often dreaded as much by the manager as by his employee. But summing up a year in a one-hour interview may not be the most effective method. Hence the idea of replacing them with collaborative meetings.


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – August 2017

Here is a review of businesses that have announced hirings and layoffs during August 2017.

Good to know

Dress is becoming increasingly casual

It’s well known – there are sectors where employees can wear casual dress and others where it is frowned upon... But this boundary is becoming more and more blurred.


Diversity: the virtues of difference at work

In addition to fostering a more equal environment, companies that are open to diversity benefit not only from productivity but also in employee satisfaction. When diversity begets virtue...

Good to know

Boomerang employees

They have previously been part of the company, they quit and now they want to come back – we call them “boomerang” employees. Should we hire them... again?


The Manager 3.0 in the company of tomorrow

The digitalization of industries involves a reorganization of the world of work, new ways of doing things and producing. In this constantly changing world, the manager will have to come to terms with his new role, which will be crucial in the company of tomorrow.


Review of Hirings and Lay-Offs – July 2017

A summary of businesses that hired or laid off employees during July 2017.


The site is getting a new look, the sales speciality site of the network, is the first of 20 speciality sites to adopt the new identity of the brand as well as the new technology platform.


What is “affinity matching” ?

It’s the turn of HR departments to use the “matching” principle from dating sites. This process takes account of a candidate’s personality, aspirations and talents... to find the employer for whom he will give perfect happiness.

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